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School Security

Child safety is top-priority. School need security solutions that solve real-life challenges, including preventing unauthorized access, improving facility safety and providing liability protection. Our video surveillance and access control solutions help solve these challenges by securing entry and exit points, and by providing continuous monitoring around-the-clock, along with video-based evidence should an incident occur. Schools need

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PTZ, Focal length and Field of view

Pan – The movement of a camera in the horizontal direction or x-axis. Tilt – The movement of a camera in the vertical direction or y-axis. Zoom – Enlarge or reduce the focus by changing of the effective focal length thus allowing many fields of view. It can be an optical zoom where adjustments are

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The Best Security Cameras for Protecting Your Home

Protecting your home, loved ones, and your property begins with choosing the best security cameras and video security system that enables you to keep watch over your home 24/7. How do you choose the best security cameras for your home? In this blog post, we highlight the various types of security cameras, along with the

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Importance of CCTV Surveillance in Schools

Increasing incidents of negligence and crimes violating the innocence of children have raised numerous doubts and questions in the minds of every parent, every responsible citizen. The need of the hour is to ensure our children are safe and feel safe all the time. Vigilance and keeping an eye out for any anomaly or deviations

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IP Cube Camera Personal Monitoring

Increase in crime ratio is always the headache for Mumbai Police dept, in multiple cases over last few year, almost the victims are elder or house wife when no else is in house, Study also revealed about some known person is involved in the crime.. With the help of IP Wifi Cube Camera we can

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Turnstile Flap Barrier

Any Commercial or Residential Society , Malls, Theaters, Event Organizer, Shopping Center, Theme Park, Fun Park etc are required to install the  Turnstile for Security Reason where visitors are avoided without any authorization. Rails, Airports or any such public area are already in process to Technology. For any enquiry call us 9920275877

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New 360 Degree Security Camera Fish Eye With Support Of 5 Modes Panoramic Split View.

With high coverage area and, low labour and installation costs, this new 360 degree fish eye camera is an all-rounder security addition to your safety assets. Motion detection and anti-fog features ensure you can enjoy your sleep while it works deligently on your safety. 20 metres IR distance, 1/2.5″ progressive scan CMOS, 6X digital zoom,

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Aura HD Security Systems Leaders In Surveillance Solutions

The Aura series of camera and DVRs is a boon to the community that wants to protect itself and the neighborhood with secure systems to record and replay videos that have info about the neighborhood. In times today, with poverty hitting new levels, criminal offenses are on the rise. Using security systems is the only

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Fire Alarm Panel

Integrating fire alarms As the interest in integrated building systems gains momentum, the fire alarm industry is starting to define ground rules for maintaining the dependability of the detection and alarm components when they are integrated with other building systems. Safeguards need to be defined to assure that a person on a terminal in the

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Printer, Scanner and Copiers

Stylish, affordable options that offer versatility for your home and home office. Easily print vibrant photos, creative projects, or laser-quality text-even from your smartphone or tablet.A scanner is a device that captures images from photographic prints, posters, magazine pages, and similar sources for computer editing and display. Xerox copiers are robust with easy-to-use interfaces, heavier

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Video Door Phone

Video Door Phone is, in its own small way, a great way to see if a wolf is at your door. This first line of defence for your house can prove useful in identifying who is on the doorsteps and whether that someone should be given access to the house.is a stand-alone intercom system used

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